Talking On Your Mobile Phone May Cause Back Injuries

from the don't-talk-and-walk-at-the-same-time dept

There have been all sorts of worries about damage you can do to yourself when talking on a mobile phone – from causing cancer to driving accidents to cutting yourself off from the world. Now, a new study suggests that if you talk on your mobile phone while walking, you may do damage to your back. Actually, the study showed that any talking and walking can put your back at risk – because our breathing patterns are designed to support our back as each foot hits the ground. However, talking while walking changes the breathing pattern and provides less support. It’s bad when you’re just walking and talking, but it’s particularly problematic for people who walk around while using their mobile phones. So… now we can’t use mobile phones while driving, and you shouldn’t use mobile phones while walking. It appears that mobile phones are becoming a lot less mobile.

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Comments on “Talking On Your Mobile Phone May Cause Back Injuries”

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dorpus says:

Inside-Out stretches

The standard calesthenic stretch of bending over only stretches the superficial muscles. There are still the deep muscles that don’t get stretched very well by standard stretching techniques, and they cause the most pain.

I’ve been able to largely conquer lower back pain by discovering inside-out stretches — inhale as much air as possible, and push the air towards your lower back (like you’re trying to take a shit). Hold it as long as possible. Feel the lumbar curve and tailbone straighten. It will be uncomfortable, but the back pain will go away like magic. I do it every night in bed for several minutes before going to sleep, and wake up with much fewer problems.

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