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Fake Brand Names Become Real

from the lovely dept

People have been having a lot of fun making fun of the various “nonsense” corporate names that are currently popular among companies like Accenture and Consignia. These are brand names that kind of sound like a word and are created by so-called “branding companies” to give off some sort of perception such as “forward thinking” or “technologically sound”. One advertising company thought the trend was so silly they came up with a bunch of similar names themselves and put up a phony front end that would let you create your own brand name based on the attributes you wanted. What they didn’t realize was that some people might actually use the brand names they came up with. Apparently, a few of the brand names they suggest have been snapped up by real companies – though, two of the companies claim they had no idea about the site and came up with the brand names independently.

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Comments on “Fake Brand Names Become Real”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

Re: branding crises all over again...

Anyone remember that (Governor) Schwartzenegger movie Eraser? (okay, not worth remembering, but that’s not the point). The original movie had “Cyrex” as a (they thought) fake corporation name.

Cyrix (now part of Via) made a stink and the actors all had to go in a redub the entire movie with the name “Cyrez”

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