The Best Wireless Network At The Best Wireless Time… Maybe

For years, I’ve been predicting that all this focus on this wireless network vs. that wireless network was silly. The different networks have different benefits, and the various names and definitions were only helping to scare off the non-early adopter audience. Still, I’m not quite sure what to make of this article that describes some the expectation for a future mobile device that does just that. I’m sure it is coming, but the article is so short on details, and describes everything in such a vague way, I’m not even convinced I know what they’re talking about – or if I’m just projecting my own beliefs on the article. The article just keeps referring to “the technology” or “this emerging technology”, but never names it. They say it will let users access the best wireless network (WiFi, bluetooth, cellular) for the purpose of making a phone call, and may route around pesky things like extra cellular charges. Anyone want to help out? Are they talking about a specific technology, or is this a general article talking about the fact that lots of companies are aiming for this holy grail?

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