Nintendo Working On Different Gaming Device

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Nintendo has been in trouble for a while. They’ve been losing out to Sony and Microsoft in the game console world, and are suddenly facing increased competition in the handheld gaming world (which Sony will soon enter as well). Many people were pretty much writing them off, but now they’ve said they’re getting ready to launch a completely new device, that is not an update on either their console GameCube or their handheld Game Boy Advance. What it is… they won’t say. In fact, they’re being so secretive, that they apparently haven’t even mentioned this to Nintendo’s US executives, keeping it entirely in Japan. People are guessing, and the idea that seems to make the most sense is something that jumps on the online gaming bandwagon, but we’ll have to wait until May of next year to find out for sure. Update: Meanwhile, Gizmodo has a post showing a picture of a new Nintendo iQue device that is supposed to be coming out in China. Certainly fits the description above of a device that isn’t an update to either current product. It’s a gaming device that includes the entire gaming system in the controller, but (it appears) still needs to hook up to a TV. Sort of half way between the GameCube and the GameBoy.

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Comments on “Nintendo Working On Different Gaming Device”

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Mark says:

Re: Re: More info

Nintendo is doing fine. Historically they’ve always done best in the latter have of the console cycle — their hardware tends to be cheaper and more limited in scope, so it appeals to a more casual gaming audience than the hard-core types who snapped up the PS2 and the Xbox. Since they dropped the price of the GameCube to $99, their sales have quadrupled and — surprisingly — seem to be holding pretty steady at that figure. They’re not a market leader and are not likely ever to be a market leader, but they’ve always done pretty well as a second-tier provider and it looks like they’re comfortably settling into that niche this time around too.

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