UWB Vote Deadlock

It looks like all the moves to position the various competing UWB plans as the one to go with worked… too well. Both sides pitched their ideas so well that the IEEE couldn’t resolve their deadlock over the issue and many now predict that a de facto UWB standard will arise outside of the IEEE process. It turns out the two sides (Motorola/XtremeSpectrum and the Intel/Texas Instruments-led Multiband-OFDM Alliance) tried to resolve their differences prior to the vote, but ended up causing more damage than progress. In fact, the discussions ended on such a bad note, that some think the two sides will never come to agreement – and that one side will simply force through their plan as the de facto standard. Derek’s Addendum: From what I can ascertain, the Moto/X proposal is closer to real working chips, but the Intel/TI camp has broader support. With Moto buying X, it makes it a one-company camp. What a deadlock – both sides have even agreed that their proposals would be royalty-free.

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