Camera Phone Printing… From Kodak

Well, this story starts to answer two questions. (1) How does Kodak end up making money in the new digital world? (2) What do you do with the photos you take on a camera that you want to print? Yes, there are other answers to both questions – but neither are particularly easy. However, a small step into the future as Kodak, Cingular and Nokia have teamed up to help people print photos they took on their camera phones. There’s a pretty good possibility this will be a big flop, as many people might not understand why it’s worth the trouble. For example, I have a very nice digital camera and I have never (not once) printed out a photo I took on that camera. They all go into online photo albums – and I don’t see why my camera phone will be any different. However, it is still good to see companies exploring new ways to embrace camera phones and add to the functionality of those phones.

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