Rockstar Asks For Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit To Get Tossed

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Rockstar Games, the makers of Grand Theft Auto have decided they’ve had enough of Jack Thompson and his crusade to make them pay for every child related crime where the kids, at one point or another, played their video game. They’ve asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, saying that they shouldn’t be held liable based on the content in a game. Hopefully the judge will listen. The kids who committed this crime are responsible for it. Trying to pass the buck to the makers of a video game is a move based on greed – and not about putting the responsibility on the truly guilty parties.

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Comments on “Rockstar Asks For Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit To Get Tossed”

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Jim says:

Rockstar Asks For Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit To Get

The liberal Left is suing gun manfacturers for crimes committ with guns, suing airplane manufactuirers for injuries from crashes, suing restaurants for injury from self-poured coffee spills, etc., Why does this software company think that it is any better and should be exhonerated?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Rockstar Asks For Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit To

Yes, suing gun manfacturers for crimes committ with guns, suing airplane manufactuirers for injuries from crashes, suing restaurants for injury from self-poured coffee spills, etc., is ok.
So sueing the software company for damaging the eyes of someone or something like this wopuld be ok.

But suing a software company because the parents ignored the big remark on it saying adult content, of because the parents made riffles accessible to their children is ridiculous.

If you get an epelictic seasure from the game and you don’t get a pre-game warning, then it’s normal you sue.
But if you get the warning and ignore it, then you have no ground of sueing.

On the game it’s writen that there is adult content in the game. The parents ignored it and bought them the game (Or let them play it) and therefore can just take all the blame on themselves.
And yes, parents should check what games the kids are playing, even if the kids borrowed it from someone else.

Next thing happening is probably the same lawyer sueing the United states army, since some kids blew up a house playing war like they saw the army do it on CNN.

The only persons to sue would be the parents of the kids which killed someone, since they allowed their kids to play adult rated games.
But those parents don’t have much money, so they attack the video game industry.

bvastard sammy (user link) says:

Stupid fucking republicans...

Sounds like the kind of garbage only a republican would be responsible for. This whole thing reminds me of the media crusades of the late 70’s and early 80’s where the right wingers (fucking retarded conservative reganites and their perverted value system!) tried to hold rock bands responsible for children listining to their albums and committing suicide. When that didn’t work, they alledged subliminal messages were the key, but that didn’t fair much better.

These shit head republicans need to get it through their thick (and they are thick) skulls that it is the parent’s responsibility to regulate what their children see and hear. If the parents choose not to, it is neglect, and they need to be held accountable.


Besides, if any child is that easily influenced, just tell him tax cuts are good, and that he should go off and be involved in special interest groups. That oughta do it. Although, that’s not much better than becoming a car thief if you think about it.

No one just plays a video game and then decides that they want to do that in real life. If that were the case, it would happen with movies too, and every other form of media.Just think, every time a new Matrix movie would come out, kids would start jumping out windows thinking they could fly. Yet, you don’t exactly see that happen every day. And when you do, there’s usually either a history that preceeds the current action or some sort of mental illness that the parent should have already been aware of.

Can you imagine the precident this would set if Rockstar was held responsible for the actions of it’s customers?

It could theoretically usher in a whole new era of self imposed censorship on the part of media companies because everyone’s afraid of being sued.

An argument for tort reform in this country if I’ve ever seen it.

Where does it all end?

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