Intel's Wild About Wireless

It’s no surprise (have you seen how much advertising they’re doing lately?) that Intel is wild about wireless technologies, but’s interview with Sean Maloney, gives a little more insight into what they’re doing. Intel is 100% focused on selling chips, and for years they’ve done whatever possible to create trends that help them sell more chips. They see wireless as the latest in a series of trends. As Maloney points out, they don’t care if it’s WiFi or 3G or something else entirely. They just think that the broadband wireless experience is “magical”, and once it becomes more prevalent people will start using it in ways that no one ever imagined when first talking about wireless broadband. Already we see some of that in the workplace, as the original plans for WiFi were to get rid of the hassle of running ethernet – but once it was installed it allowed for new ways of setting up office space and entirely new meeting protocols (the social kind…), where more things could get done in meetings as everyone had access to everything they needed. On a wider scale, there should be any number of similar “revolutions” that come out of more widespread broadband wireless access.

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