Email After Death

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Well, if we’ve really reached the internet’s promise, then it should be no surprise that we start seeing bizarre internet services showing up again. I’m pretty sure I remember an identical service during the boom years, but now there’s a new service to send out emails after you die. You can log in and type in messages to various loved (hated?) ones. They promise that the messages won’t be delivered prior to death (and, yes, you can adjust the messages over time… if you remember to do so), but you can imagine how some of these could be a bit embarrassing if they get delivered too early. It’s also not clearly explained how the service determines that you’ve died. I assume that someone needs to know you’ve signed up for the service and tell them – but that certainly leaves the service open to abuse as well.

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Comments on “Email After Death”

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1 Comment
Anonymouse says:

No Subject Given

Heh…over at Ars Technica one reader wrote a program a while ago called “Dead Man’s Switch.” If you fail to log in or use your computer for a determined amount of time, the program decides you must have passed on and will automatically run a series of tasks such as send email, delete sensitive files, etc…

It can be found here:

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