Australian Speed Cams Under Investigation

from the whoops dept

Bob Dole writes “Another major speed cam screw up has forced the government in Victoria, Australia to test all of their cameras and “freeze” $6 million in fines. This comes in response to a truck being issued a ticket for driving a speed 20 MPH faster than it is physically capable of attaining. Uphill. Following last week’s embarrassing flap, the government had little choice — except they refuse to go so far as to turn off the cameras while they’re under a cloud of doubt. On the other side of the planet, a single camera in Britain has raked in $50 million for the government and issued 1.3 million penalty points for the enrichment of insurance companies. Ah, that should help explain the reluctance. “

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Comments on “Australian Speed Cams Under Investigation”

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Anonymous Coward says:

speed cams:

insuring that more 50% of the driving population understands that they’re below average.

Just like the time when I took a “safe driver” course to lower my preimums; immediatly after I took the course, my insurance rates when up by the exact same percentage that I would have saved by taking the course.

Personally, I’m of the believe that insurance is instutuionalized fraud and that, at a bare minimum, we should be allowed to fight back by being able to self insure if we only ride a motorcycle.

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