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Mike has been critical of Nokia’s attitude after some of their phones exploded, and I defended Nokia saying it was likely a case of the customer adding a cheap, aftermarket battery which caused the heat-up. I turns out we were both right: Nokia should have reacted with more concern, but it does appear to be the fault of cheap aftermarket batteries that Nokia that phones are exploding. With that finding, Nokia’s reaction is to counsel the market to only buy “original Nokia parts from an authorized or reputable dealer.” Hmmm… given that profit margins on accessories and parts are always higher than standard equipment, the whole “exploding phone” issue, although not a child of Nokia’s creation, is entirely beneficial for them. Have you seen all the stickers and inserts and nonsense that HP puts on printers suggesting catastrophic outcomes if you should use non HP ink, or… heaven forbid…try to refill a cartridge? They’ve been trying to convince us our printers would explode because of non-HP ink for years. Yep, what big businesses really needs is more exploding cheap parts to drive customers back to good old OEM products.

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