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Who Wins, Who Loses From Number Portability

Found over at Gizmodo is this fairly unscientific (but still telling) poll about what people plan to do when number portability goes into effect. As has been predicted in the past, it looks like Verizon Wireless may turn out to be a big winner. Meanwhile, Sprint PCS and AT&T Wireless may be in for some trouble (which might explain why Sprint PCS has been bugging me with all sorts of deals to sign a one year contract). What’s funny is that both Sprint PCS and AT&T Wireless have been among the quietest carriers concerning public statements about number portability. Verizon has gone strongly in favor of it (wonder why…) and Cingular has gone strongly negative. However, from this poll, it looks like Cingular won’t be in as much difficulty as Sprint PCS and AT&T Wireless. Of course, we still believe that many people, upon switching, are going to be disappointed to realize service levels at their new carrier are far from perfect as well. It will be interesting to see if people have “switcher’s remorse” after leaving.

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