Novell Continues Linux Push, Buys SUSE

from the gotta-do-something dept

Well, just about everyone is discussing this story this morning, so just a quick note on the news that Novell has bought SUSE Linux just a few months after buying Ximian. Connecting the two very obvious dots isn’t particularly difficult (which also makes the third “anti-SCO” dot a little more understandable). The deal also includes an investment from IBM, of which much will probably be spent fending off angry SCO lawyers.

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Comments on “Novell Continues Linux Push, Buys SUSE”

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Puzzled says:

What is enterprise

“The acquisition of SUSE Linux will complete Novell’s ability to offer enterprise-class Linux solutions to our customers from the desktop to the server,”

This is something I’ve never figured out: What is an enterprise-class solution? Is enterprise just a code-word for any computer solution in the $20K+ range? Anyone got a good (non-trekky) definition for ‘enterprise’?

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