The Very Impressive Virgin Mobile USA MVNO

Today Virgin Mobile USA, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator announced that they had passed the 1 Million subscriber mark in just 16 months. That’s a staggeringly successful growth rate, exceeding the previous gold standard held by Virgin Mobile UK. Techdirt has closely followed Virgin’s emergence, launch, and climb, and our past Virgin Mobile posts can be found here. The growth of Virgin Mobile more than validates the market for MVNOs. There are many brands that are more popular than Virgin in the US that could have been equally, or more successful if they had launched an MVNO (and executed as well as Virgin…ah the catch!) Looking forward, Virgin Mobile stands to gain greatly with WLNP, since they are a late entrant to the market, and laws liberating locked-in customers work to their advantage. Also, a co-marketing arrangement starting with MTV, and an older one with SprintPCS will further drive adoption rates. The only threats to Virgin Mobile are from other MVNO entrants, and if the major carriers finally figure out segmentation (exception: Nextel gets it.)

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Comments on “The Very Impressive Virgin Mobile USA MVNO”

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Gopal says:

Indian owned companies in USA employ only Indians

Many Indian owned companies in Software area only employ indians , Like MASTECH( and technosoft in michigan etc., they are hand in glove with government of india policy of mass migration to USA ( Economic war on USA) so they selectively employ indians.
These software companies also promote INDIAN sofwtare products in USA , and deal exclusively with INDIAN companies , kind of inbreeding within themselves in bUssiness and as well as socially too. HINDUS are consolidating their position politically too in USA.
Economic war of Government of INDIA as opened thousands of engineering colleges , almost one in every village, since they know graduates are allowed to migrate to USA. Each politician in INDIA owns a Engineering college, they are so money minded these colleges are now opening Bio technology programmes now. without ay basic infrastructure facility.
Though cureency is undervalued to Dollar , the INdian Stock prices are equivalent to Dolar prices. All comodities are also priced in dollars.
So outsourcing or importing from india is not cost saving in any way. you end up paying in dollars only.

Mike says:

Indians in the US

I only wish Gopal was right. I also wish we could be that farsighted. We like to talk to each other but not do business with each other.

A leading Singaporean politician said that the Indians are the easiest to conquer. It took only a few hundred (or was it a few thousand)British troops to conquer India.

I do not know a single country, where we are one united voice. A good example of us not being able to work together is Ambani Brothers. Every Indian thought Reliance was an unbreakable empire, but it is shaken now.

Any Indian without a king sized ego is an asset to India. When will we discard our egos and start working together in harmony as the Koreans and Japanese do

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