Now MCI Is Looking For A Wireless Partner

Ah, regrets… We’ve mentioned over and over again that we could never understand the desire of certain telecom companies (you know who you are) to sell off their wireless operations, knowing that wireless was the future direction, and that they were selling off what might keep them relevant. Already we’ve seen some of those companies regret their decisions. The latest is MCI, which has suddenly discovered it needs a wireless offering. Of course, they had one just a few years ago (though, admittedly, they did a terrible job with it, and it was really more of an MVNO situation than as an actual provider). Still, they’re now looking for a new wireless carrier partner with whom they can provide their own wireless service. The article suggests MCI will avoid a deal with Verizon or Cingular, preferring one of the other carriers that isn’t associated with a Baby Bell.

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