New TV Show About What Else Is On

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Well, here’s an interesting idea for a TV show. Over in the UK, they’re going to launch a show where four people sit around and watch what else is on TV at that time. They’ll discuss other shows on other channels, and take calls and messages from viewers. While it may seem like an odd idea, I actually like the concept. Where I think it would work great is on the program guide channels (or on digital or satellite systems – somehow associated with the guide). Instead of the boring infomercial/promotional interview imagine having the presenter and three guests running through exactly what’s really on right at that moment. If done well, it could be very entertaining. In some ways, it could almost be like the “blog” version of television. Just like some people don’t actually read full length articles any more, but just get their news from what the bloggers are talking about, you don’t have to actually watch the shows any more. You just listen to what other people are saying about all the shows, and assume you’ve caught enough to pretend you’ve watched them all yourself. It’s snippet-and-commentary culture at work.

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Comments on “New TV Show About What Else Is On”

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aNonMooseCowherd says:

mutually recursive talk shows

Over in the UK, they’re going to launch a show where four people sit around and watch what else is on TV at that time.

The logical conclusion is that all shows will use this format, so that everyone on TV will be talking about someone else on TV. (People who live in cities with only one station will get to hear people talking about themselves.) That will absolve the networks of the need to pay scriptwriters, and the medium can relinquish its pretense of providing originality.

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