Will The Popularity Of Geekdom Harm Society?

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Last week, we wrote about how being a geek was cool. Now, a writer for Salon is wondering if mainstream geek coolness is bad for society. While pointing out all the obvious non-geek, non-dork celebrities who claim they’re also geeks and dorks, he wonders if the typical geek-motivation will be gone. The idea is that most geeks were outcasts – and the many things created by geeks were a result of that isolation. If being a geek is cool, and geeks get invited to all the cool parties, then the motivation to create crazy new things goes away, and society is at a loss. Someone seems to be worried a little too much by this. As “cool” as geekdom seems these days, there are still plenty of outcasts, and they’ll still have the motivation to discover whatever geeky things they discover. Just because some stuff that was once geeky is now cool, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other geeky pursuits.

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Comments on “Will The Popularity Of Geekdom Harm Society?”

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BoilerBob says:

Geek vs. Introvert

This is self serving and pompous. It’s assuming that all introverted geeks are really extroverts longing to be invited to parties. There will always be introverts that would rather stay home and invent then go out and be the life of the party. Just because the write must be an extrovert doesn’t mean that what everyone is striving to be.

Ben There says:

cool geeks

Geeks will not get absorbed into the dominant culture, they are too repulsive. They crave isolation, and so will become even more filthy, poorly dressed, and socially inept. They will study even more arcane books from which to derive indecipheral references during conversation, which will be limited due to their poor dental hygene. They will live with their moms until 30 and beyond, and never talk to girls. Don’t worry.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: All Human Progress is to Get Laid

I can’t remember what commedian did a routine on this – maybe Tim Allen – but the basic premise is that guys who built bridges, invented computers and put men on the moon (and they were 99% guys) did it to impress women so they could get laid.

“See that bridge? I designed it!”

Whether it works or not is open to debate, but I have found flattery and flowers work pretty well and take a lot less effort.

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