Spammers Fined $2 Million

from the take-that dept

California is getting ready to enact their controversial anti-spam law, but they already have a an anti-spam law on the books, and apparently it was good enough to hook a couple of spammers. Paul Willis and Claudia Griffin, who own PW Marketing have been fined $2 million for violating California anti-spam laws. They’ve also been told (obviously) to stop spamming. For the next ten years, they’re not even allowed to be associated with any company that does any kind of online advertising.

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Comments on “Spammers Fined $2 Million”

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LittleW0lf says:


Over the last month (since the last takedown a while back, when SPAM dropped,) SPAM ramped up on some of my “SPAM trap” email addresses, to the point that I was receiving (according to SPAM Assassin,) around 80 emails a day on each account. Today, I have received a grand total of 1 SPAM email across all of the accounts (6 in total).

Coincidence? Maybe it is the Solar CME I have to thank, or maybe the SPAMMERs got scared, or maybe the ISP I am using finally implemented their own filters (and thus, I won’t be seeing much in the way of legitimate email in the near future?)

LittleW0lf says:

Re: Re: Strange...

They went dead Friday till Yesterday, and then picked up to normal today (25+27+18+19+19+22). An average of about 20 today, and we haven’t even passed 12 o’clock. On a non-spam-trap address, I’ve had the same A$$ Hole SPAMmer sending an email a minute since 8:53 last night…I wonder if that has anything to do with the daylight savings change?

Luckily, Spam Assassin has been dealing with that idiot.

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