No Searching Inside O'Reilly Books

from the didn't-expect-that dept

theodp writes “Even though he said he was ‘blown away’ by Amazon’s new Search Inside the Book feature, which allows Amazon visitors who supply credit card info to search and browse for words on more than 33 million pages of over 120,000 books, Tim O’Reilly has decided not to participate in the program for now. ‘If they end up being a Google for published content…we need to think better about what publishers get out of it,’ he said.” The link is for the WSJ, so you have to pay to read the story. Anyway, this is a bit surprising since (a) O’Reilly is usually really open about stuff and (b) Bezos and O’Reilly are pretty close. As for O’Reilly’s question, isn’t “what publishers get out it” a lot more attention and potential sales? Already the Amazon search feature has made me add a few books to my wishlist.

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