UWB As A Wireless LAN Solution?

Is it or isn’t it? Some people keep going back and forth on what UWB will eventually be useful for, with some saying it’s a short range technology that will be used in a way similar to bluetooth, and others saying it can work over greater distances and could challenge WiFi. I think it’s a bit silly at this point to speculate on who it will compete with as all of these technologies will shift and change over time, but PulseLink today did a UWB demo designed to show that UWB can work for wide area LANs, since many were pigeonholing it as a short-distance technology, like Bluetooth. They apparently pushed 125-Mbit/s over 20 meters. So, while UWB has a long way to go, and it shouldn’t be looked at (yet) as a “challenger” to more established wireless technologies, don’t completely count it out as a wireless LAN style solution.

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