The Geeks Have Inherited The Earth

from the according-to-USA-Today dept

Well, I thought this stage came and went in the late nineties, but USA Today has suddenly discovered that it’s cool to be a geek, and has come up with random (very weakly associated) ways that pop culture is currently celebrating “geekdom”. At least the article admits at the top that most actual geeks will probably scoff at the article and the points it tries to make – but they don’t really care. The article is clearly targeted at non-geeks, so its own lack of geek cred doesn’t seem to concern the writers. They also have a pretty loose definition of “geek” – which in some ways could include just about everyone.

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Comments on “The Geeks Have Inherited The Earth”

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dorpus says:

When will

When will Hollywood truly portray geeks as they really are? A Hollywood “geek” is really a jock with washboard abs who wears glasses. Similarly, a geek-esse is a stunning blonde wearing glasses. When will we see flabby geeks with spindly limbs who are 4 feet tall?

Really, the average IT professional is an elitist who is fairly sociable and probably takes fitness seriously. The true geeks are college bureaucrat types who are truly antisocial.

LittleW0lf says:

Re: When will

The true geeks are college bureaucrat types who are truly antisocial.

Speak for yourself Dorpus. I would prefer to call myself a Nerd (even though I tend to fit into the definition above.) And given the origin of the word Nerd (or Nurd, from the man who invented the word in the first place, Dr. Seuss), Nerd is a much better description of what you defined as a geek above.

But don’t take my word for it…’s Definition of Nerd.

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