Solar Storm May Force Everyone To Observe Take Back Your Time Day

from the it's-your-day-to-slack-off dept

As you may or may not be aware, tomorrow (Friday, October 24th) is national Take Back Your Time Day. In other words, it’s slack off at work day (or cut out on work altogether day). I read about this earlier in the week and thought it was mildly amusing. Now, however, looking at this report about a huge solar storm expected to hit tomorrow, it looks like the sun may be helping out with the process of forcing everyone to take it easy for a day. They’re saying this solar storm is one of the largest in years and may end up knocking out “satellites and power grids, as well as cable TV, pager and cellular telephone service.” So, now, if you’re too afraid your boss might fire you for slacking off on “Take Back Your Time” day, just tell him or her that the sun made you do it.

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