The World's Fastest Electric Car Beats A Ferrari

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Remember when electric cars were laughed at for being slow and underpowered. Not any more… Roland Piquepaille writes “ looks at the fastest electric vehicle in the world, the tzero roadster built by AC Propulsion Inc. “The tzero does 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, according to the company, and it does it on only 200 horsepower.” The company says it starts faster than a Ferrari F355. It also has a limited range of 280 to 300 miles at 60 mph on a single charge. The company expects a price somewhere between a Porsche and a Ferrari, but Forbes says it carries a $220,000 sticker price. This overview on my blog contains more details and links. It also includes a rendering of the Tzero.”

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Comments on “The World's Fastest Electric Car Beats A Ferrari”

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eeyore says:

charge time, not top speed

When they develop an electric car that can be recharged in a minute or so at widely available locations then they’ll have something. I can drive my Saturn about 400 miles without refueling and then tank up in under two minutes and be on my way again. This is what did electrics in a century ago. Having to wait an hour or more to charge up a car ( is too big an inconvenience even for city driving. As is the $220,000 price tag. Try again guys, but for now, pass.

mike says:

Re: charge time, not top speed

the range and charge time argument is just a red herring in my opinion. you just match the solution to the problem. 200 miles per charge is more than enough for the average commuter. even 100 is more than enough. then plug it in when you get home. to me that’s easier than dealing with gas stations, opec price hikes, and pollution.

that said, i believe the public has been conditioned to the point were the facts can’t change the opinion. too bad.

eeyore says:

Re: Re: charge time, not top speed

Sure if you can afford one car for city driving and one for everything else. Those of us who have to make do with just one car can’t afford a $220,000 electric anyway and if we did we’d buy a Porsche instead.

I have to commute a round-trip of about sixty miles every day and that doesn’t include running errands/picking up the kids/going to off-site meetings etc… I don’t need a car that will crap out in the middle of the day when I can just pull into Conoco and pump in ten gallons of unleaded and be on my way in two minutes. And never mind the impracticality of a business trip.

Think it’s a red herring? You must not drive much.

Greg Naso says:

charge time, not top speed

This is just an example of what electric cars can do… can you afford the fastest petrol car? probably not!! Just like petrol cars there are cheaper electrics that dont go as fast as the t-zero..
most people dont do 300 miles in one go and most electrics can plug straight in to a power point so if you go to work you can charge it there and also the new electrics can half charge in just three minutes and thats around the same time you spend pumpin fuel into your car.. I think people have got to broaden there minds to new things and not just try and figure out whats wrong with it, to justify not changing..
when you see a new Ferrari or Porsche most people say wow thats cool etc they dont say oh thats a kid killer or it uses an enormous amount of petrol and your gonna spend most your day and the petrol pump..

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