Jack Valenti Says We Have A Moral Responsibility To Stop Sharing

from the anyone-sense-the-irony? dept

Now, I’ve never been a big fan of people who go around trashing Hollywood for creating “immoral” entertainment, but you have to wonder if Jack Valenti sees even the smallest amount of irony in going around and telling students that file sharing is a moral issue, and that schools have a moral responsibility to “educate” their students not to share files. I keep waiting for the punchline, but it looks like he might actually believe what he says. The movie industry is constantly trying to defend itself for producing content (and pushing it on young children) that promotes violence and pornography – and yet, here they are, arguing that “the most squalid, unwholesome, repugnant pornography you’ve ever seen” is being shared online. Apparently, Jack is an expert on porn these days. How does he know how bad it is unless he’s been checking it out himself? I guess he prefers the cleaner pornography produced by the companies who pay his salary.

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