Gator Threatening Those Who Call Their Application Spyware

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Many people have pretty strong negative opinions about Gator’s adware application (it watches what you surf and pops up its own ads). Gator, like most companies that have strong critics, has decided that they need something of a PR campaign to improve their image – specifically trying to overcome the impression that they’re placing spyware on people’s computers. So, what do they do? They decide to sue anyone who calls their application spyware. It seems like a debate on semantics, but Gator insists their product is not spyware at all. They claim that spyware is installed surreptiously, whereas their software requires someone to agree to install it. Others disagree with that definition, saying spyware includes any software that is constantly “phoning home” with your information, or which does things (such as pop up ads) without the user understanding why – in which case, Gator would qualify as spyware. However, so far, Gator’s “PR” campaign has been winning, and sites are changing how they refer to Gator. This is, most likely, a short term strategy – because of articles like the one linked here, that make Gator look even worse by using threatening lawsuits to quiet anyone critical of their software. Instead of pulling out the big legal stick, wouldn’t it have made more sense to make the program less problematic?

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Comments on “Gator Threatening Those Who Call Their Application Spyware”

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Anthony Cea (user link) says:

Re: Gator Sucks

Gator/Claria is a spyware company, these are simply computer hackers that think they have a real advertising business.

Look at the Google Gator Page and the Google Lawmakers Page at you will find out why these companies spyware software programs are on the way to being outlawed.

No one should have their page views transmitted back to these scumware companies under any circumstances. They can kiss my ARSE.

Joe Smith says:


I do not know how well my children understood what Gator was before they installed it on their computers but it certainly seems to have contributed to poor performance, degradation of the registry and ultimately system instability requiring a re-install of windows because nothing else could rip that weed out by the roots.

In my personal opinion, such software should be illegal.

Tracy says:


That’s really dumb. Gator should be totally redoing their program. If they can’t handle people calling it spyware then they need to get off their sorry butts and do something other than sueing anyone who calls it spyware! Seriously! Do they actually think everyone is going to stop calling it that especially if it is downloading spyware after they installed the program?

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