New Implantable Microchip Dispenses Medicine Over Time

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Taking pills on a regular basis is a pain. Remembering to take the right pills at the right time causes confusion, and lots of people screw up the process. Here comes technology to the rescue. Some researchers are working on an implantable microchip that can dispense different doses of different medicines at different times. So far, they’ve been able to create a single chip that will work for 140 days, which means you’d still need to go back and get a new chip implanted (or have the old one reloaded) on a regular basis, but that probably beats taking a few pills every day.

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Comments on “New Implantable Microchip Dispenses Medicine Over Time”

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dorpus says:

New class of medicines

Many a medicine has been ditched by pharmaceuticals or regulators because the dosage regimen is too complicated, so patients could not be expected to take the proper amount at the proper time.

This will expand the parameters of economically viable medications and is very good news for the pharmaceutical industry. We can expect a new generation of biology majors who light cigars with $100 bills and drive cars with gold-plated hubcaps.

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