Why Are Guys So Into Gadgets?

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Sure, sure, there have been studies that show that women actually do like gadgets, but it remains an area where men are clearly the primary consumer. A (female) reporter for the BBC explores why men dig gadgets so much more than women. There’s the evolutionary theory (survival of the fittest: more, better shiny gadgets let us men kill more animals and be the grand provider and protector). There’s also the distraction theory (gadgets are “are easier and less complicated to interact with than women”). In the end, though, like with all “battle of the sexes” questions, there really doesn’t seem to be a good answer.

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Comments on “Why Are Guys So Into Gadgets?”

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Michaela Stephens says:

Why men like tech gadgets. Why women like tec

Men like tech gadgets because they allow them to accomplish more. Men are very capability-oriented. Not only do tech gadgets allow them to accomplish complicated tasks in less time, they also derive a feeling of great satisfaction from demonstrating they can operate said gadgets. Any guy who has set up an entertainment system (TV, VCR DVD player, satellite dish receiver, computer, etc) knows what I am talking about. Any guy who has helped someone get their computer working knows what I am talking about.
Women like tech gadgets for a different reason. Women like tech gadgets because of how they allow her to remain connected to all the people who are important to her and for whom she is responsible. Women are very relationship-oriented, so anything that allows her to maintain good relationships with people will be exciting to her. Blogs, email, cell phones, instant messaging, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, all of these are cool to women.

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