Video Games Help You Get Over Fears

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There have been a lot of stories recently about how video games are good for you (intermixed, of course, with the ones that say video games are bad for you). There was the study showing that video games improved vision followed by one about how video games improved hearing. Now, a new study has shown that video games are very useful in helping people get over their fears. The researchers used “Half-Life” and “Unreal Tournament” to simulate various phobias and let people play in those environments to get comfortable with their fears. They found that it worked just as well as expensive simulators or controlled exposure to the actual phobia. Now, perhaps we need to create a video game that helps certain lawyers get over their irrational fear of video games.

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Comments on “Video Games Help You Get Over Fears”

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dorpus says:

Fear exists for a reason

Should little kids be trained not to be afraid of rattlesnakes? Or should teens be trained not to be afraid of writing poems on their arms with razor blades? Or how about grownups who are trained not to be afraid of driving their cars through crowded pedestrian areas?

If one can prove that video games do influence behavior, then the argument cuts both ways, and keeps cutting, and keeps cutting, and…

bbay says:

Re: Vertigo

Video games don;t help you get over a fear of heights – in fact they can make it worse. I often get attacks when playing games that involve narrow ledges etc.

Actually, the very fact that these games can stimulate the fear is what gives them theraputic value. It allows someone to be exposed to the fear in short intervals and in a safe and controlled setting.

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