Virgin Consumer Electronics

from the he'll-sell-everything-if-he-can-slap-his-brand-on-it dept

Is there anything Richard Branson won’t sell, so long as he can slap a Virgin label on it? There’s air travel, music, mobile phone service and who knows what else. Now, there’s also Virgin consumer electronics. Since it seems like every third company these days is trying to move into the (often tight margin) consumer electronics business, you have to realize that this is purely a marketing play (Virgin, after all, is simply a marketing vision). He even admits in the launch of the products that the goal is to get people to buy these gadgets so they feel more comfortable going out and buying a Virgin mobile phone plan and a flight on Virgin Airlines. How long until they offer the “Virgin Lifestyle Plan”, where you pay a certain monthly flat fee and get everything: a Virgin Home with Virgin Furniture and a Virgin Car along with travel anywhere you want to go on a Virgin Plane?

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