Full Hotel Coverage For WiFi: It's Not Just For The Lobby Any More

While I’m sure this will become an increasingly common announcement, Marriott today announced that they’ve completely WiFi-enabled a hotel in the UK. They’re not just talking about the lobby or certain guest rooms, but the whole damn hotel. All the rooms. The bar and restaurant. The pool. Everything. Of course, for many of us who end up reading about every “WiFi-enabled” announcement, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. There are other hotels out there that are covered in WiFi as well. What’s interesting to me is that it’s still deemed as newsworthy that a hotel actually went beyond the most basic WiFi offering to cover the entire building. We’re still in that stage where many people are focused on the “oooh, look at that technology” reactions, and not the “here are cool things we can do thanks to this technology.” When we reach the point that new WiFi-enabled announcements are no longer worth mentioning, we’ll have turned the corner.

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