Is iTunes For Windows Too Late?

from the bashing-Apple dept

As Apple gets ready to launch iTunes for Windows this week, Reuters has gone hunting for some analysts to quote saying that, due to the various other Windows-based iTunes-wannabes digital music download services, iTunes may be too late for the Windows market. While it certainly would have helped if they had been first, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that they’re late. The other services have all launched very recently, and it doesn’t sound like anyone has really been going crazy over the other services. iTunes has a ton of brand name recognition, and Apple is already thrilled at how much iTunes is helping them sell more iPods, rather than just focusing on the music sales. Of course, that doesn’t mean another service couldn’t beat iTunes – but as long as all of them are basically offering nearly identical offerings, it’s just going to be a marketing battle to see who wins.

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