Gore Warns That Intrusive Technology Makes Us Less Secure

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While it’s clearly a political speech, Al Gore is lashing out against increasingly intrusive technology being pushed by the government as a way to make us more secure. He points out that all of the information necessary to identify the September 11th hijackers was available, but what was lacking was a system to put all that info together and pick out the pieces. Gore points out that by simply collecting more information we could actually be making ourselves less secure, since it makes it more difficult to find the relevant information. I really tried to make it through this post without bringing up the obvious reference, but I just can’t resist: maybe we need Gore to go out and invent a better system for pulling the data needles out of the data haystack – though, of course, then he’ll just be accused of creating the next version of the Total Information Awareness program.

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Comments on “Gore Warns That Intrusive Technology Makes Us Less Secure”

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LittleW0lf says:

Politics != Techdirt

Mike, note to self…No more political humor on Techdirt as there are some that cannot take a political joke.

I actually did get a laugh out of it when you posted it, but I am amazed at the backlash.

Whether or not it is a lie is still up for grabs (though of course he didn’t say it, so that part is a lie, but when have you known Journalists to be truthful in their reporting of quotes,) Vint Cerf (the true “Father of the Internet”) does point out that if it wasn’t for Gore’s funding, the internet as we know it wouldn’t exist, so in a way, he did invent the internet, or at least he provided our taxpayer money to the folks that invented the internet…

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