Telemarketers Drooling Over Mobile Phones

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For a whole variety of reasons, your mobile phone may no longer be free from telemarketing calls. While it’s generally not allowed for telemarketers to call mobile phones, once wireline-to-wireless number portability is offered, the telemarketers (conveniently) claim there will be no way to distinguish mobile phones from land lines, and thus (oops) they might call you once or twice (or twenty) times, when you least expect it. Won’t that be great, when you’re traveling in different timezones and they wake you up in the middle of the night? Of course, in theory, if the “do not call” list continues to remain legal and if it actually works (two very big ifs) you should just be able to include your mobile number on the list as well. At the same time, some are wondering when location based info is going to start filtering through to telemarketers as well. While the carriers insist they’ll keep that info private, you can easily see how it would eventually get out. How will you feel when you walk by a McDonald’s and have your phone ring with a telemarketer telling you about today’s lunch deal at McDonald’s?

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Comments on “Telemarketers Drooling Over Mobile Phones”

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dorpus says:

Chandra Calling

So, telemarketing is increasingly illegal in the USA, while VoIP is increasingly making free international phone calls available.

Putting two and two together, will we have a new generation of super-telemarketers with names like Prasad, Farriq, or Abioye, who call at all hours of the night and hurl abuse? They’ll find ways to anonymize their origin, override exclusion features, plant phone numbers on your cell, hmm…..

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