Oscar Voters May Get Marked Screeners

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Last week everyone was talking about Jack Valenti’s decree that the movie studios would no longer send out “screener” DVDs to Oscar voters, because he believed those copies were ending up online. As some people stepped back and pointed out just how silly this was (he was even banning screeners for movies that will be out on DVD soon anyway), they say the real reason for the ban is to help big studio pictures win the Oscars over independent films that have been winning more awards lately. However, the backlash is making Valenti reconsider, and he is apparently talking about a compromise where the studios could send out video tapes (not DVDs) that include special watermarks on the prints. This way, if they did get online, they could easily be traced back to which voter put the movie there.

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Comments on “Oscar Voters May Get Marked Screeners”

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1 Comment
Gary E. Brant (user link) says:

Studio Screeners

There is no need to stop the distribution of DVDs to Academy members by the studios.
VeriTouch has an encrypted DVD player that makes use of our PED (Personalized Encrypted Disk).
Only one person in the world can play back their encrypted disk on their player after their fingerprint is scanned.
No disk can be copied, no disk can be played by anyone but the authorized recipient.
End of problem, across the board.
Gary E. Brant, CEO
VeriTouch Ltd.

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