Build Your Own Segway

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Turns out that maybe the Segway isn’t so innovative after all. A builder of humanoid robots in Silicon Valley got interested in the concepts behind the Segway and went out and built one himself. It’s not quite the same, and doesn’t have most of the safety features the real Segway has – but it cost him less than half the cost of a Segway, and he built the damn thing himself… from scratch. He says that all of the technology he used was available 20 years ago – it just took Dean Kamen to realize that it could all be put together in a scooter people would want to ride. They guy’s website has tons of pictures and comparisons between parts in his version compared to the real Segway. He also points out that, while it’s probably true, he hates looking the part of the “Silicon Valley Nerd”. He also says that everyone stopping him to chat slows the commute down considerably.

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Comments on “Build Your Own Segway”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

I agree with Dave, this is true with a lot of inventions. Then there are the inventions put in place by accidental discoveries. Everything from penicillin to microwave ovens. There was a really good article recently on this in Smithsonian Magazine

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