Sued For WiFi?

WiFi Network News is reporting that a school district has been sued for planning a WiFi network, because parents say that the WiFi networks emit harmful electro-magnetic radiation. The lawsuit claims that there is a “substantial body of evidence” that WiFi emits harmful EMR – though, this seems to be the first most people have heard of such evidence.

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Comments on “Sued For WiFi?”

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1 Comment
schools prepare for court says:

WIFI killing Teachers and Students

Schools in north america and especially european nations – where exposure began earlier then north america – have been fighting cellular phone towers and WIFI networks – its just the media reports very little about it – often because the media and industry have a good relationship – media makes money by advertising cellular and wireless – the media does not want to loose that relationship. There are loads of studies that show the radiation exposure is deadly. Search – there is plenty to read. They can only get away with this lie for so long. Avian Flu, Foot and Mouth, Aids – all Imune System related – Radiation kills your imune system. So the kids get exposed to WIFI – but the teachers will get it year after year – Teachers should be shouting by now – TEACHERS get educated about the health effects of WIFI – dont delay!

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