Now It's Texting Addiction We Need To Worry About

Why do psychologists love to decide anything that people find useful an “addiction”? For a while it was internet addiction we were supposed to be worried about, but now suddenly they’re afraid of texting addicts. They, of course, compare it to drug and alcohol addicts. The difference, which they don’t bother pointing out is that drug and alcohol addictions are dangerous by themselves. That’s not true of the so-called “texting addiction”. There’s no chemical change happening in the body. I’m not saying people don’t get excessively hooked on things like texting, but comparing it to drug and alcohol addiction is misleading and unfair.

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Comments on “Now It's Texting Addiction We Need To Worry About”

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1 Comment
Jon says:

Texting addiction

I am concerned that I am a texting addict. I use texting as a passive way to express myself to those around me. It is causing me a big problems with those people I count as trusted friends. I go off on them without regard to their response and am only pushing them away. Someone please share their story with me and let me know your position on this.

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