Microsoft Making Changes To Browser To Quiet Eolas

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Eolas, the small patent shop that never actually built a product, and appears to have received a patent on something with plenty of prior art is getting under Microsoft’s skin. While Microsoft has insisted all along that (a) Eolas’ patent is not valid and (b) even if it was valid, they weren’t infringing on it, they’re now saying that they’re going to make some changes to the next version of Internet Explorer to make sure they’re not infringing. Of course, it’s a bit odd to say you don’t believe you’re infringing, and then make the necessary changes, but it’s probably the smartest long term move – just in case. The changes, though, are going to be a bit of a nuisance for users. Instead of letting plugin applications run embedded in a website, users will now have to click through an approval each time they want the application to run. Thanks goes to Eolas for making the internet one step more annoying.

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Comments on “Microsoft Making Changes To Browser To Quiet Eolas”

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RB says:

Eolas Patent

The way I see it is that the U Of CA is a state school, funded by the federal gov, and state gov. The patentee used the money, lab, property, of the people of california, and the US in general. In my opinion, this type of funding must stop. If a person works for a public institution they should not be able to use the public money to do research, then go out and start a private company for profit. Another example of how americans are being robbed. This patent should belong to the people of califonia and the US that pay taxes for these research faciliies! If I am wrong please explain!

Mark says:

IE and plugins

MS would love nothing more than to kill non-MS plugins anyway. So who knows, maybe this is just the first step in their process of making IE incompatible with anything that isn’t based on their own technology. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done something like that, and such a course would make a lot more sense than deliberately making their browser a pain in the neck to use.

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