Time To Pay Wireless Carriers To Keep Telemarketers From Calling You

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Now that it looks like telemarketers might possibly have to stop making telemarketing calls to your landlines, and carriers might possibly have to allow you to transfer your landline numbers to your mobile phones – it appears that the telemarketers also want to be able to reach you on your mobile phone. Right now, most such calls are illegal (though, they still happen all the time), though you can add your mobile phone to the national “do not call” list to make it more official (or, less official and more up for grabs if the list gets tossed by the courts). An industry trade group, however, is proposing a directory of mobile phone numbers that will allow anyone searching for you (whether it’s a long lost friend or a telemarketer) to request your mobile phone number. This wouldn’t be a “white pages” solution, as only directory assistance operators would (in theory) have access to the directory. Of course, many people like the fact that their mobile phone number isn’t listed anywhere. To deal with folks who say that, the group putting this together says it will be “opt-in” only. However – if you want to stay off the list it may cost you. This is the same sort of “deal” that the regular phone companies offer you, where you pay up to remain not listed. It does seem a little odd to have to pay someone not to do something you don’t want (in some places that’s called “protection money”). If this plan does move forward, I imagine there will be some pretty loud complaints from consumers who don’t see the reason to pay anything extra to not be included in a service they don’t want.

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Comments on “Time To Pay Wireless Carriers To Keep Telemarketers From Calling You”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Simple Solution ...

I simply do not answer any calls on my cell phone that I do not recognize the number or the corresponding name ( I’ve already programmed into the phone ). I don’t pay for wrong #’s … I don’t get bothered by people I do wish to speak to … and I never miss an important call because the caller WILL leave a voice mail if the call is worth returning.

suzi (user link) says:

Re: Simple Solution ...

I do the same thing with my home phone. I have caller ID and if I don’t recognize the number of if it says “unknown caller”, which many of the telemarketers have, I don’t answer it. If it’s legitimate, the caller will leave a message. Most telemarketers hang up except for the few who call to say I won a trip to Vegas or something.

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