Many DMA Execs On The Do Not Call List

from the why-was-it-so-easy-to-find-out? dept

Some news was made last week when it was discovered that the judge who blocked the national “do not call” list had his home phone number on the list as well. Now, it turns out that, many executives at the Direct Marketing Association (the main group fighting the list) have their own phone numbers on the list. One executive denied that he had put his number on the list, and said that it shows that the system for putting numbers on the list is not set up properly, since someone can effectively “forge” a phone number on the list. He suggests (perhaps correctly) that it was done to embarrass him. Others, however, say they proudly signed up themselves and don’t see why there’s anything wrong with that (though, one exec refuses to give her name for fear of getting fired). The bigger question, to me, though is why the list is so easily accessible to anyone trying to find out who is on the list?

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Comments on “Many DMA Execs On The Do Not Call List”

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sedavis says:

Because They Have To Send it Out

Um.. In order for everyone to know who to block, the list has to be published, thus it wouldn’t be to hard to get. Here is a really evil idea -> anyone who want access to 50 million active phone number and the names that go with them now have it. If the DNC list were to get killed (it won’t) that could really backfire on everyone (including me) that signed up. You know what spammers would do with a list of email addresses in the same situation. They telemarketers would get some pretty annoyed responses, though.

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