How To Profit Off The Internet Generation

from the solve-a-need dept

Steve Hurcombe writes in with a link to an article by Dana Blankenhorn pointing out that the internet generation is defining how the internet works and how to make money online, and includes the quote: “The reason you can’t stop file-trading has nothing to do with the law or ethics. When you live on the network, you use one device to buy music, get music, store music, and hear music. You’re not driving to get a one-hour CD, packing its jewel case in a stack somewhere, then reloading every hour. The experience must be more organic than that…. As storage and screen quality improve, the same thing will happen to video. Instead of fighting it, get ready to profit from it.” Blankenhorn recommends that anyone looking to “profit” from the internet generation should focus on ways to make the lives of college kids easier. Take some roadblock out of the path, making their life easier (or more “organic”) and then keep those college students as customers once they graduate. Sensible advice that many established industries will ignore to their own peril.

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