3G Signals Make You Sick, But Smarter

from the not-quite-cancer dept

As the wireless industry is trying to convince people to upgrade to 3G systems, the last thing they need is the widespread belief that the new phones lead to more health problems. Having finally gotten past the point where most people believe mobile phones cause cancer, a new report is coming out saying that 3G cellular signals are causing headaches and nausea. Of course, they’re saying that the effect comes from the base station, and not the phone itself – which would suggest that there should be a hell of a lot more headaches and nausea over vast patches of territory where 3G is currently in place. The article also doesn’t say whether or not distance from the base station made a difference. At the same time, the report isn’t all bad, since it also claims that those in range of the 3G base station found themselves to have better memory and faster response times. So, it makes you sick, but makes you smarter? Tradeoffs… tradeoffs. With such odd findings, I would imagine that many more tests need to be done, which are likely to show that the results of this test mean absolutely nothing. Still, from a PR standpoint, the various wireless carriers probably want to be prepared to respond to questions and complaints (and probably lawsuits) from those who will suddenly start blaming their headaches and nausea on the local 3G tower.

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Comments on “3G Signals Make You Sick, But Smarter”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Isn’t there a rash of new lawsuits in the US coming out of some reports about higher cancers in children going to rural schools, the land for which just happens to be located nearby (or under) large-capacity power lines? It seems that the land there is almost cheap enough to put a school onto, and people didn’t realize – if the reports are true – that the high power is causing these things.

Now, lower the power, reduce the range, and look on the cellular level. Isn’t a 3G similar? Are we going to find out, in about 10 years, that the reports of seriously bad findings in this regard have been quashed by the telcos themselves? The rate at which Industry in the US kills reports that aren’t beneficial to them but end up being detrimental to humans, it makes me really distrustful of new technology that involves dumping a lot of power at things I locate near my head.

Plus, I really want to look into vitamin B-17.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Are You Looking into a Computer Monitor?

If so you are getting more EM radiation than a school under a power line – although the above commenter would seem to put electric power under a technology whose bad effects industry must have squashed for 100 years.

As for a phone…I think the jury is still out on that one, but let’s think about other items where you are running current (and producing EM radition) near your body:
– Electric Blankets (not too many around any more)
– Hair Dryers
– Electric razors
– How close is your bedside clock radio?

And if you spend a few more minutes you could probably come up with a handful more. The fact is that we run electric gadgets all over us (and if you remember your Maxwell’s Equations you know that all are producting EM radiation). The question is whether “white noise” (like from an electric blanket) versus a single higher frequency (like from a cell phone) could make a difference, as is ofcourse the time you keep the radiation near your body.

Whether proven harmful or not we all know the scumbag lawyers will be all over it – scientific proof against a claim has never stopped them from extorting money (see breast implants, Lupus).

High Plains Drifter says:

Re: No Subject Given

Isn’t there a rash of new lawsuits in the US coming out of some reports about higher cancers in children going to rural schools, the land for which just happens to be located nearby (or under) large-capacity power lines?

As convincing as Eddie Murphy is as a politician- it was a movie, man! sheesh

Will BX says:

The Human body has been tested to resonate at around 50 hz.
Powerlines are from 40 hz to 200hz and actually chance your resonance,like water waves hitting water waves.
3G is penetrating , like a torpedo under the waves, insomnia
rates across the world went up, when 900 mhz devices were phased out and Gigahertz bands became the norm.
People who need cell phones all the time are 1) emergency Services. Surgeons on Call ,Police, Fire,EMS, the occasional
road side emergency,or 911 call from regular people.
People who think they need a cell phone all the time….
Sociopaths, and and The Narcissistic .
If you don’t run a country, or a billion dollar company,
and you accumulate over 500 minutes a month cell phone time, You need to realize you are not that important.

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