Can Advertising Against Spam Stop It?

from the as-long-as-they-don't-spam-people... dept

In every spam debate, at some point, someone brings up the fact that if no one ever replied to spam, the spammers would have no reason to stay in business. Of course, how do you teach every single person on the planet (many of whom are, let’s face it, quite gullible when an email shows up in their in-box) not to reply or read spam messages? In Australia, they’re hoping that a national ad campaign against spam will help. Yes, they’re advertising to stop people from responding to other advertising. What a world we live in. They don’t say exactly how the ad campaign is going to work (let’s hope it doesn’t involve spamming people themselves). I’m not sure how effective this will be, but if it actually could get the message out to enough people that would be great. They’ve even come up with a catchy tag line: “Don’t Buy And Don’t Reply”. Unfortunately, the people who most need to understand this message are the least likely to get it.

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