Microsoft, HP Seeking Kazaa-Related Patents

from the here-come-the-big-boys dept

theodp writes “The RIAA has shown no mercy for 12 year-olds and grandparents who contribute to a culture that legitimizes Kazaa. Perhaps it’s time they try picking on someone their own size. Today, the USPTO published Microsoft’s patent applications for Processing, Repairing, and Providing Music Playlists, which discuss the use of P2P to enable individuals to share their content with others around the globe and include exemplary Kazaa Playlists to help illustrate their ‘inventive techniques.’ And just a few weeks earlier, the USPTO published Hewlett-Packard’s patent application for Increasing Peer Privacy, which discusses Kazaa in the context of providing encrypted anonymous paths between peers, including the use of fakes and decoys to provide an increased level of anonymity.”

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Comments on “Microsoft, HP Seeking Kazaa-Related Patents”

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not dorpus (user link) says:

kazaa patents

i would be more concerned if sco had claimed patents on playlists, privacy and repairing shite re p2p than hp or m$. lets face it, hp depts are being sold off or dumped at an increasing rate & m$ is only good for introducing useless bloated features with different file formats. how can they change mp3 or ogg formats ? they cant. unless they buy out google, forget it. why doesnt billg do something useful with his fortune, rather than being annoying & stupid ??

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