New Sofa To Make Couch Potatoes Lazier

from the why-bother-getting-up? dept

Some researchers working on ubiquitous computing projects have decided to build a “smart sofa” for the ultimate couch potato. Forget the remote control, this couch is supposed to recognize you from your weight via some sensors, and then controls things around you automatically. It will set the temperature to what you like, change the music, and (I imagine) flip on the football game, order up a pizza and serve a nice chilled beer. The guy in charge of the smart sofa project says that while it does look to be only useful for the exceptionally lazy right now, it could eventually be useful for the sick or elderly. Though, as the guy admits, if it really is used by the extra lazy, they’re going to have to program into the system the ability to recognize it as someone’s weight gradually increases… Update: Here’s a nice opinion piece talking about what an awful world it might be when your couch is telling you you’re eating too much.

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