Is Another Internet Bubble About To Pop In Korea?

from the looks-like-a-bubble,-smells-like-a-bubble,-but-might-have-more-foundation dept

While the explosive growth of broadband technologies in South Korea has been covered to death, Business Week is now looking into whether or not the following internet company stock boost is a bubble as well. It certainly has a few similarities to the original dot com bubble – but there are some important differences. The biggest, of course, is that widespread broadband adoption. Many of the original hyped up dot com predictions were simply ahead of their time. They believed that people would adopt an “always-on” broadband lifestyle much more quickly than people did. However, now that that basic infrastructure is in place in South Korea, it looks like there are plenty of workable business strategies for dot coms in that country. Now, the question is whether or not the same model will apply in other countries.

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