Lots Of People Text Message While Driving

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A new study in the UK points out that over one-quarter of people surveyed say they use a mobile phone while driving – something that will become illegal in the UK later this year (though, many say they’ll ignore the law). That’s not the scary part, though. The study found that 10% of people surveyed say they write text messages while driving. To me, that’s insane. At least if you’re on the phone, you’re keeping your eyes on the road. However, the write a text message you have to repeatedly remove your eyes from the road. The fact that 10% of the population sees no problem with it is quite scary.

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Comments on “Lots Of People Text Message While Driving”

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Billy J. West Jr. says:

Re: Lots Of People Text Message While Driving

Can they read the response without looking down as well?
I’ve seen people driving while reading the newspaper. I think getting caught doing something like this should be a manditory 30 to 60 days suspended license, possibly even impounding of vehicle during that timeframe.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Lots Of People Text Message While Driving

Remember back in school when the teachers would have you write sentences on the blackboard when you were bad ?
I think the offending SMS texter should be forced to sit in the police office and text the message: ” I will not text message while driving ” 1000 times … prefferably to tele-markets who do not follow the ” Do Not Call ” list …

That oughta do it 🙂

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