Baby Naming Using Google Images

from the who-says-the-internet-isn't-useful dept

Baby names can be quite a source of controversy. Some people want to name their kids something unique or special, but don’t necessarily consider the years of torture they might have to live through being associated with a bad name. When it comes to naming your baby, you might be tempted to look up lists of popular names or what certain names mean. However, that doesn’t reveal how most people feel about those names. Instead, the writer suggests a fairly simple (and somewhat amusing) method for testing the cultural acceptance of any given name. Just go to Google’s image search engine and take a look at the images associated with the various names you’re considering. They suggest what sorts of people have what sorts of name. Do they look like loners? Do their friends look sober? Do they wear too much makeup? It’s a quick cultural test (you can even limit the searches to certain geographies, if you want to see how the name plays in your country). The article itself is fairly amusing, as the guy tries to gently persuade a neighbor not to subject his newborn to the name Oscar…

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