Orange Launches Treo 600

Fresh off of announcing that they were launching a Microsoft powered Smartphone, Orange is announcing that they’ll be the first to launch the eagerly awaited Treo 600 device. For all the talk of just how wonderful the Treo 600 is supposed to be, now we’ll find out if customers agree (and are willing to pay the relatively steep price for one). In case you hadn’t been following the space, the Treo 600 is the next generation of Treo devices from Handspring (soon to be PalmOne), that goes much further in combining a phone and a PDA into one package. While most such offering are either too PDA-like or too phone-like – some are saying the Treo 600 is the first to strike the right balance. Now we’ll find out if that’s just marketing hype or if the device really catches on.

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