File Sharers Go Further Underground

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No surprise here, of course, but an increasing number of software developers are looking for ways to create file sharing software the preserve anonymity for users. These aren’t new, but following the RIAA lawsuits, they’re getting a lot more interest, and should become a lot more common. Of course, that wouldn’t have been necessary if the music industry decided to support business models that embrace file sharing. Of course, how does the music industry respond to these systems? By saying they’ll try to sue those people for even more money. That’s right, they quote someone saying that anyone caught using such software will show that they’re even more guilty of file sharing, and thus open to “stiffer penalties”.

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Comments on “File Sharers Go Further Underground”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Why file share when you can...

…rip streams extensivly and choose from the results.

Ran multiple copies of stream ripper for ~5 days and ended up with over 8000 uniq tunes. Uh, I’d like to see *any* P2P client/network keep up with that.

I’m going to shoot for 40000+ individual unique ripps within a month. How many songs does the RIAA represent? I suspect that if I choose enough odd-ball streams I should be able to collect the entire set within a year. The next milestone after that feat will be to own all the tracks represented by the RIA~A*

Now the only dilema I have is what type of media to store these on…. if it’s cheap eough, I’ll make copeis for my friends.

All your musics are blong to me biatch… and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now, go away and find a new business model.

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